Monday, October 22, 2012

I've set this blog up to chronicle some of the large fanfic I wrote based on roleplay from several years ago called Tears of Phos, about wild pokemon living among themselves in a dark, lush and mysterious world. I am still working on adapting and stringing it together, so bear with me as the posts for it may be out of order and subject to repeated revisions. Hope everyone enjoys!

It centres, at least mostly, around an ampharos named Chirin-chirin who finds himself in the middle of dangerous and unnatural situations, and with some enemies who help get him in over his head. I would say that the central themes are many: revenge, betrayal, pride maybe being the big three. It may or may not be a good read, but it's a first draft, as well as a story I am working on for my own enjoyment rather than aiming to publish or anything.

Currently I am working on and off, on Tears of Phos II, which is its working title and picks up where the first story leaves off, though it centres around different characters {still wild pokemon}. That is still in the process of roleplay and some of it can be found on this pokemon rpg. I may start another blog for that one because the stories are very different and when finished, you will not have to read the first one to read the second.

I will not be posting this story from the beginning on this blog, but probably working on some stuff in the middle of the story. The beginning can be found elsewhere; it's the middle and end I really need to work on. So bear with me, anyone trying to follow this, don't try too hard, and I'll also post up sketches from time to time.

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