Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tears of Phos: Mission to Rescue Laurel

(Mission to rescue Chirin's son, Laurel, from capture by a trainer.)

"Hey!" Rakka shouted in alarm as the first attack missed her. "No,
wait, you not understanding! Rakka just -" She saw the Cubone's arm go
back for another throw and didn't bother to complete the sentence.
Quickly attaching a string of webbing to the wall, she let herself drop.

Rakka didn't dare move from the bush she'd landed in. At least if she
stayed where she was, the bush might block the bone club. But it would
only be a matter of time before the Cubone actually came over. "Why you
attacking Rakka?" she called out, not even sure where the Cubone was
anymore. "Please, Rakka surrenduring - no hurting her! Only was wanting
to be trainer pokémon like Checkers telling Rakka about!"

Where had it gone? Wufei watched it drop into the bushes that lines
the side of the house. He looked around, listening for a rustling
noise. His bone was still ready to throw. He had to be stealthy here.

"Josh gave'a the order," said the cubone. "Hit'a with'a bone."

"~Josh~!" came the father's call from the back yard. "Time to head

"Just one more minute! Wufei, I think it went in the bushes! 

"come out'a now," said Wufei as he approached the bushes. "and'a you
can join'a team."

he couldn't delay any longer. Josh had given the order.

If she came out, she could join? Or was this some kind of trick so he
could beat up on her?

She just had to get in that house somehow! If this was the only way...
"Okay, Rakka coming out." She crawled out from under the bush and
approached, holding the pokéball in front of her, as if it could
protect her from a blow.

Josh watched, he had the pokeball ready to catch her. "Wow, Wufei,
good work, You got her to come out willingly?"

Wufei nodded his head.

"Just let him put you in the pokeball and you're in his team," he
said to Rakka.

"Understanding," Rakka answered him, relieved that he didn't start
smacking her around with that bone club despite her pleas. She crawled
over to Josh, holding up the pokéball as an offering.

She'd have to go into one of those infernal things soon, but that had
been expected. She just didn't like the idea of it at all.

"you are one neat spinarak," said Josh, opening up the pkeball and
moving it inhis hand towards her. "i bet I can teach you all kinds of
tricks and stuff."

Rakka inched closer, reaching up with her front legs as Josh moved his
hand closer. "Here going everything," she whispered to herself.

The red light reached towards Rakka. Itflowed from the ball with
a whizzing sound until it flooded the spinarak's vision. The ball's
power sucked the spinarak into itself, whirling her into pure energy.
The ball clapped closed.

Josh pocketed it, "Wufei return," he then pocketed the cubone's
pokeball too.

"Good work," Dad patted his son on the shoulder and they both went
into the house.

Crickets chirped outside.

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